The Twenty Five Dollar Commitment

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Little is Much if God is in It!
Red Bird Missionary Conference We all know the economy was hit hard all over America and that churches and conference are making cuts as well. But we want to challenge you to continue to be in ministry outside your walls. The Red Bird Missionary Conference is an agency of the General Church and depends upon the support from outside our conference.

If we had 5000 giving units giving $25 a month to help our ministry we could have $1.5 M to supplement our present income and help us meet our budget. With 62 Annual Conferences we only need 81 giving units in each conference to take that challenge and it will make all the difference in our ministry.

Just think, for $25 a month, you or your church or your district could be in ministry in one of the economically poorest areas of our country. We know that "God is in it" because everywhere we turn His hand is already there. Though small in numbers our churches showed a net increase in membership and attendance in 2009. We just need your help. "God is in it!" Will you join us and help share the love of God through YOUR mission agency called the RED BIRD MISSIONARY CONFERENCE? Little is much if God is in it!