Red Bird Mission

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Red Bird students receive Christian education in both the school and the dormitories.
The Red Bird Mission is one of four mission institutions of the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

The Red Bird valley was an isolated area where three counties come together cut off from the educational and medical services of the county seats.

Red Bird Mission began in 1921 when two teachers and United Evangelical pastor John J. DeWall came to the mountains at the invitation of the community to build a school and dormitory. Over the years the ministries have changed as community needs have changed.

Current programs include:
• Education (K-12 school, dormitories, and early childhood development)
• Retail Operations (craft marketing; community stores)
• Community Outreach (senior center, elderly housing, literacy, women & children ministries)
• Workcamp

Red Bird Mission are striving to be a witness for Christ throughout its program ministries.
For more information visit Red Bird Clinic/Red Bird Mission's website.