Red Bird Clinic

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The Red Bird Clinic is one of four mission institutions of the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

The Red Bird valley was an isolated area where three counties come together cut off from the educational and medical services of the county seats.

Medical ministry in the Red Bird Valley began in 1922 when nurse Lydia Rice became the first medical worker. In 1926, Dr. Harlan Heim became the first medical doctor in the valley, riding the hills on horseback, making house calls from his saddlebags before the first hospital was built in 1928.

Over the years the ministries have changed as community needs have changed. In 1986, the hospital was closed and medical services continue through a primary care clinic and dental clinic. The medical clinic is staffed with two doctors and a physician's assistant as well as other trained medical staff.

The dental clinic is staffed by a dentist, two dental assistants, and a part-time dental hygienist. Current programs include:

• Primary Care Clinic
- Laboratory
- X-Ray facilities
- On-site Pharmacy

• Dental Clinic
Red Bird Clinic is striving to be a witness for Christ throughout its program ministries.
For more information visit Red Bird Clinic/Red Bird Mission's website.