Kentucky & Red Bird Partnership

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Our two conferences are intentionally working in partnership with each other through:

• Personal relationships and prayer,
• Sharing gifts and services through a needs list for churches, outreach centers, and agencies,
• Volunteer and work teams, and Covenant Relationships through the Advance.
• Bishop Davis' Statement on Red Bird

From the Desk of Bishop Lindsay Davis
I am very excited about our developing partnership with the Red Bird Missionary Conference. I have always loved Appalachia and the people of the region. I married a "mountain girl" 37 years ago. At our wedding, one of her relatives told me that by marrying Jennifer I would forever be going back to the mountains. And so it has been in my life.

I attended college at Union in Knox County. Jennifer is from Bell County. I served in Johnson County for 4 years at the Paintsville Mayo Church. In graduate school at UK in the early 70's I was the graduate assistant to Dr. John B. Stephenson who later became President of Berea College. It was from John that I learned about some of the rich history and culture of the region. He understood what it meant to be "in, of and for the mountains". That really is my vision for our partnership. Not all of us will literally be in the mountains, nor can we partnership. Not all of us will literally be in the mountains, nor can we all call the mountains a part of our family and spiritual heritage. But we can all be "for" the mountains and we can especially be "for" Red Bird. Red Bird is the most comprehensive ministry of any church in Eastern Kentucky. This year we begin a new journey with our sisters and brothers in Red Bird. May God bless us all as we work together for the sake of God's kingdom.