Fundraising Ideas

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Heart-shaped ornaments to assist groups in raising funds to support specific ministries of the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

The gift of love is for all seasons, so hearts may be used throughout the year. Encourage alternative giving on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Christmas or any other special day.

Donors could be encouraged to give whatever amount they might have spent on a gift.

You can find a creative way to hang or display a supply of hearts. As alternative gifts are given in honor or memory of others, the recipient would receive a heart indicating a gift has been given to Red Bird Missionary Conference.

Or, you could use the hearts to encourage general mission giving, or for Church seasons like Lent, Advent. Other creative ideas include other mission emphasize times like - VBS, Christmas in July, After-school ministries, Sunday Schools, etc.

We do not charge for the hearts; congregations/groups determine their own standards for donors (i.e. children could be encouraged to give coins and adults could be encouraged to give $5, $10, or more per heart).

Currently, "Hearts for Red Bird Missionary Conference" will help fund missionary churches and outreach ministries.

Contact us for more information on how to receive a quantity of hearts to help plan your special mission emphasis for the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Complete our secure Contact Form or give us a call at 606-598-5915.