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Thanksgiving, Expectation, and Joy Dear Partners in Ministry,
Thanksgiving, Expectation, and Joy . . .

Thanksgiving, Expectation, and Joy Entering into November and December these words take on deeper meaning. The people of the Red Bird Missionary Conference give thanks for you, our partners in ministry. Your prayers, labors of love, and continued financial support have been instruments of God's amazing grace in changing lives through the ministries of our Outreach Centers and local Congregations. We give thanks for you and look forward to 2019 with great expectation as God continues to advance His Kingdom in the heart of Central Appalachia. Though the work is demanding, our hearts are full of joy because the rewards of souls saved and the witness of God's miracles of grace are abundant.

In these seasons of Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas our prayer is that you and your loved ones receive an outpouring of God's love and grace so that you find your hearts overflowing with Thanksgiving, Great Expectation, and Joy!

Karen Stigall, Conference Superintendent Karen Stigall, Conference Superintendent

When Ministry Overflows...

The Holy Spirit has given such an outpouring of ministry opportunity at Mary Helen UMC in ways that cause our hearts great Joy and Thanksgiving. Wacky Wednesday is their version of Youth and Children's Ministry. And God has blessed this church with a great vision, calling and leadership for this ministry.

Karen Gross is one such leader. She attends Mary Helen Church and leads the Children's Ministry. Karen recently commented on why she participates in this ministry, "I felt called, by God, to teach the children." And she is very good at what she does. Karen is one of the many volunteers that helps with Wacky Wednesdays. Currently there are 60 Children and Youth who participate weekly at Mary Helen Church.

Eli is one of the Youth who has been attending Wacky Wednesdays for four years. When asked why it is important for him to come; he will tell you, "It is a place I can come to worship, to pray and forget about things on my mind." He elaborates about the things that are on his mind, like the bullying he goes through at school, or the illness his grandmother is fighting. It becomes very clear that Wacky Wednesday is a safe space for him to be himself and to learn about God's love for him while the rest of his world seems to come against him.

When Ministry Overflows... logistics is key.

It takes several trips with a 12 passenger van to ensure the Children and Youth are brought to and from the Church. It is our hope that we will be able to purchase a 20 passenger van Wacky Wednesday at a cost of $60,000.

We invite you to partner with Red Bird Missionary Conference in this purchase, through your Gifts.
Blessings to you from the Red Bird Missionary Conference Staff,
May Your Advent Season be one of Great Thanksgiving and Joy.

Bishop Leonard Fairley, Resident Bishop
Rev. Karen Stigall , Superintendent
Rev. Jim Savage, Asst. Superintendent
Ms. Shirley Walker, Conference Treasurer
Ms. Darlene Gibson, Receptionist
Ms. Revelle Berry, IT Administrator