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Opportunity for Ministry in Missions

The Red Bird Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church is in search of clergy who feel the call to Ministry in Missions.

Red Bird Missionary Conference consists of 22 churches, 3 outreach centers and 3 mission institutions; Red Bird Mission Clinic, Red Bird Mission, (which includes the Red Bird Christian School) and Henderson Settlement. 

RBMC is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, in the middle of Coal Country of South East Kentucky and holds great opportunity for Ministry in Missions. Our churches serve some of the poorest counties in Kentucky. Yet, the churches are working to teach and train local leaders, as well as to provide long term discipleship. Church and outreach workers work diligently with the children through camp and youth groups. They provide Bible studies for their adults as well as fellowship activities.

We are searching for Clergy who want to become a part of this Vital Ministry in Missions through 3 emphases:

  1. Reaching out to people and helping them become committed followers of Jesus Christ
  2. Equipping and inspiring members to live their faith in mission to the community and world
  3. Acting as a catalyst for renewing the church.

If you are interested in being a part of a team committed to advancing God’s Kingdom in Central Appalachia please contact the Red Bird Missionary Conference Office at 606-598-5915.

Remembering Service to Others

Our story began with a phone call for assistance.
We received a phone call from a woman from Ohio. She had been on a Mission Project in Lee County several years ago where she met a woman named Margaret. She and Margaret had kept in contact through the years, until recently. With some research she found that Margaret had a stroke recently and that her home had burned down. She was not able to contact Margaret directly and found no help from local churches and government offices in locating her. So, she called Red Bird Missionary Conference to see if we could help.

Remembering - Service to Others The next day Rev. Jack Short and his wife Lora contacted the woman in Ohio and arranged to locate Margaret and report their findings. Very soon Jack was able to locate Margaret. He found that she was now living in a mobile home with two rooms, previously used as a storage building, due to the fire.

Although Margaret is mostly confined to a wheelchair, she is unable to maneuver it well in the confined space available. To go outside she needs the help of her son, Paul. He must carry her down wrought iron steps, which are rusty and unsecured, and down a rocky slope in the wheelchair to where the car is parked.

The house is in bad repair, lacking basic living needs. Currently they have no electricity nor running water in the home. There is a small, pot bellied wood stove for heat and cooking that sits in the living room about 2 feet from Margaret's couch which doubles as her bed. The f loor of the home is not covered, so the subfloor is exposed. There is a spring from which Paul can carry water and he grows a small garden that provides most of their vegetables.

Paul, who lives with Margaret says they do the best they can, but it is hard on him to care for all her needs. He struggles with his own health problems which makes obtaining employment impossible.

Jack and Lora went away that day heartbroken. They contacted the woman who had called them to report their findings. In turn, they asked for assistance of the Conference. Rev. Jim Savage, Assist. Superintendent of Red Bird Missionary Conference and director of Missional Work Teams was contacted for an assessment of the situation. Soon they began to Remembering - Service to Others prioritize work that could be completed. Margaret said she really needed a way to get to the car for visits to her doctor. During this time Jack and Jim were able to speak with Paul, too. Paul said, "I can't believe you came back." Jack assured Paul they would be back and begin work around their home; and the Red Bird Missionary Conference always comes back when people need help.

At the time of this writing a team from Grand Rapids UMC, Grand Rapids, Minnesota has finished a porch and set of stairs at Margaret's home. Soon, a team from Ozark UMC, Ozark, Missouri will come to attach a 60-foot ramp to ensure Margaret can get to the car by herself.

Our Goals: 1) provide a generator and pump for water, along with pipe; 2) provide used furniture to replace what they have now; 3) build a new home on the current site.

Margaret and Paul's lives are being changed by faithful volunteers and through your donations to our ongoing Outreach Ministries. If you would like to donate to this project or other ongoing ministries, please make your check to Red Bird Missionary Conference. Volunteers are also needed for ongoing projects. To volunteer contact Rev. Jim at 606-598-5915.